2015 Showdown packs the house

August 10, 2015 : By Sandi Argo

Saturday night was a big night for the Jack County 4H, FFA and FCCLA students, and a huge night for a Jack County local, Virginia Martin.

The Jack County Fair Association held its annual Showdown, benefiting the organizations listed. Kicking the party off with a barbecue, cooked by the Ag teachers, the crowd enjoyed smoked brisket with all the trimmings!  A silent auction yielded some very nice prizes for those who landed the highest bid, including a yeti cooler and a number of other items. An auction for a statue of horses running (created by Rick Jackson) brought $3750. A hand sewn quilt, made by Nancy Thomas, was sold for $525 to Lewis Christian.

The “Big Ticket Item” for the evening was a 2015 Chevy Pickup. In a “draw down” contest, tickets were pulled and names were called out. Once a name was called, that ticket was no longer good, until it came down to the very last ticket, that was when the name Virginia Martin was called out and announced as the winner of the truck!

Along with the auctions and food came entertainment and just great fellowship. The event, which began at 7 p.m. was still crowded at 9, with laughter ringing throughout the building!

The funds raised by the Showdown will go toward the purchase of animals and other essentials that the FFA, 4H and FCCLA kids need to get ready and to participate in the 2015-2016 Stock Show schedule.



David Sloan proudly holds the beautiful statue that he won. The statue, created by Rick Jackson, depicts a mare and foal.


Beautiful statue, titled “Gettin’ His Legs”, by artist Rick Jackson. The statue was sold to the highest bidder at $3750.00, to lucky winner David Sloan.


Also sold was a beautiful, hand sewn quilt. The quilt was created by Nancy Thomas, and sold to Lewis Christian, bringing in $525 to the benefit.


Ashley Murray shown with a winning ticket giving her the choice of either another chance at the pick-up truck or $500 in fuel from Grable. Murray decided to take the fuel.


AND THE WINNER IS….. The final ticket was pulled and the truck went to Virginia Martin! Pictured with husband, Robert Lee


The happy winner (and husband) of the 2015 Chevrolet Pick-up, given away at the annual Showdown.


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