Accident on 380 involves several vehicles.

February 25, 2016   By: Sandi Argo

A multiple vehicle accident on Tuesday kept first responders, EMT’s and ambulances from both Jack County and Wise County busy for a couple of hours. The call came in around 11 a.m. on the brisk, rainy day.

According to witnesses, the accident occurred as a small pickup truck attempted to pass a 1 ton truck (which was pulling a goose-neck flatbed trailer). Witnesses said the passing truck clipped the trailer, causing it to jack-knife. Both trucks crossed into the oncoming lane, hitting a third vehicle head on.

3 ambulances were called to the scene, where head and face injuries were reported. The first responders had to use the “Jaws of life” in order to extract victims from the vehicles.

Updates will be reported.

accident pic

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