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Jack County is deep rooted (pun intended) in the Agriculture industry, with many varieties of livestock raised here, as well as grains and varieties of grasses sold each year, it could be said that it is a growing business. We are proud of our heritage! Being the birthplace of 4H, we have a lot to be proud of. FFA is very active among the 3 Jack County schools, with students winning major shows in many categories.

The Jack County New Edition is dedicated to supporting the Agriculture community. We will be publishing market reports weekly from area markets. In addition to the reports we will also be publishing commentaries from those that are in the industry on a wide array of subjects. Look for many stories from those in the know!

Agriculture is alive and growing!

A Bird of a Feather…

September 2, 2015

Reporting is a busy business. So often we report on things that, once  published, we move right on to the next story. Admittedly, I probably couldn’t tell you what I [...More...]
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