Arrested trooper has former ties with Jack County

A former Texas State Trooper is currently spending his days in the Parker County jail, with very serious charges held against him. According to reports, Terry Lockridge was arrested on January 16th with charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The alleged incident occurred at the home of Lockridge, in December. Reports also state that Lockridge held a gun to his head afterwards, threatening to kill himself if the girl told about the incident.

Although the arrest was made in Palo Pinto County, Lockridge was moved, at the request of Texas Rangers, to Parker County. A bond was set in the amount of $250,000.

The news of the arrest came as a shock to many residents of Jack County, where Lockridge had spent several years as a trooper. Lockridge has reportedly been removed from his duty by DPS, as of Tuesday.

News of the arrest hit the social media outlets and quickly became a hot subject with many different views. The case is still under investigation.

Terry Alan Lockridge2

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