Bikers hit the streets of Jacksboro in short stay

July 18, 2016     By: Sandi Argo

A new group of bikers took over the sidewalks in front of Casa Grande and McFarland Plumbing/ JCNE office on Monday.  At about 5:30 the Apogee Adventures bike group swarmed the sidewalks, looking for a bit of shade to cool off in and a good place to eat. Fortunately they found both. The group started off in Charleston, South Carolina on July 2nd and will finish at San Diego around August 8th. That’s a whole lot of peddling, but the group doesn’t seem to mind at all, averaging 85 miles a day. Today they hit 95, and so did the temperatures. With bikes loaded with backpacks and hearts filled with the spirit of adventure, the group of 13 will see sights that most of us pass by too quickly to notice. According to the Apogee website

There is absolutely no better way to see America – its people, culture and landscape – than to take a guided cross country bike trip, ocean to ocean. Although reaching the Pacific is your end goal, the true magic of this trip takes place along the way. You’ll feel the hospitality of the Deep South and take in the wide open spaces of western Texas. In New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains will challenge and inspire you. You’ll cross Arizona’s desert landscape and hear the call of Southern California’s warm waters and sandy beaches. You’ll cross a continent. And what’s the price for seeing America’s beauty and diversity in such intimate detail on this challenging bike trip for teens? Hard work. Together, like a family, your group will push limits both physically and mentally. You’ll tap resources you didn’t even know you had and learn what you’re made of. This trip will be one of the richest and most rewarding experiences of your life. It will change you forever.

After the group gets a good night’s rest at Fort Richardson State Park, they will head out to their next stop… somewhere west of Jacksboro, gathering memories along the way…


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