The Buescher Report: August 6, 2019

By Sandi Argo

Photos courtesy of Dennis Romano. special to the New Edition


Chris Buescher fans have been getting their money’s worth each week watching their “Wheel Man” (or what we have dubbed The Wheel Deal) gaining respect and positions within the NASCAR ranks. With just a few regular season races left before going into the playoffs, the Buescher Nation anxiously awaits. Having been a regular face in the top 20 all season, Buescher has turned the heat up on seasoned drivers, by leading laps and hitting the top 15 and even more the top 10 finishes. With JTG Daugherty Racing, and the sponsors like Kroger, Cottenelle and Bush Beans the little team that could is morphing like a Texas storm in springtime to the team that will.

Chris Buescher awaits the start of the MENCS Cup race at Watkins Glen. A solid day and another top 15 finish brings the team within 3 points of a top 20 for the year. Photo courtesy of Dennis Romano


Following the finish at Watkins Glen, we asked Chris some questions concerning the current points…

Congratulations on another solid day! Texas is proud of you!

Sandi:With that said, you are a mere 3 points away from breaking the top 20 in points! What challenge do you see in achieving that and what chances  do you give yourself on doing that? And beyond that, how do you feel about the upcoming weekend in Michigan? 

Chris:I think breaking the top-20 in points is absolutely achievable these next couple of weeks. We have some really good racetracks coming up for us. The high-speed, two-mile oval at Michigan has always been really good for us. We were poised to have a top-10 day during the first Michigan race, and I accidentally stalled leaving my pit box on the last pit stop and we lost our track position. Bristol and Darlington are my two favorite racetracks, and we’ve had a lot of strong runs there coupled with finishes that haven’t told the story of our race, so I know we can perform at those tracks also. Compared to who we are racing for that 20th-points position, he runs really well at Bristol also and they’ve had speed on the big tracks too, so it’ll just be about executing right off the truck and having a clean, solid day. I know we can get there.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Romano

Chris Buescher rolls past the 4 car of Kevin Harvick at Watkins Glen. Buescher says he has no problems running up with the bigger teams. Photo courtesy of Dennis Romano

Sandi: Also, Bubba Wallace was said to have “had enough” of Kyle Busch. Without naming names, have you found yourself in a similar situation and if so, what was your response?


Chris:I wouldn’t say I’ve been in a similar situation, but there have been races where the veterans of our sport get upset when they see the younger guys or the medium size teams like us racing beside them. There’s a fine balance between earning respect by racing clean and earning respect other ways. For me, I want to make sure that if we are in a situation that I talk to the other driver and they know that it’s no accident we are racing up there.


Todays “Ask Chris” question!

From Lisa Cernuto, of Charlotte, NC…Chris what’s your favorite color? Do you get to choose it on your car? 

Chris: I love a green race car, which is ironic because it’s a NASCAR myth that green is bad luck. Unfortunately our sponsors dictate our car color, but we’ve had some really sharp looking paint schemes throughout the years.


Sandi:And from me, when will the Bush Beans copper car be on the track next? I’d LOVE to see it in TEXAS!!

Chris: No BUSH’S Beans copper car in Texas, but it will be in Bristol for the night race in a few weeks!

Way to break my heart, Chris! I will settle for a trip to Victory Lane for the 37 team, though! I’m sure the hometown crowd would like that too (and the rest of the Buescher Nation). Follow Chris on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as he heads toward the playoffs striving for nothing less than a top 20 in points.

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