Christmas season brings joy…and treats!

The Christmas season has always been one of the many favorite things in life. From caroling to spending evenings with loved ones reflecting over the past year (or years) many of the memories we recall are those of wonderful times we have spent in a kitchen. Even years later, we can often recall the smells of cookies or other baked goodies we made, often with the help of someone that we were close to. I can remember times that I spent at Christmas with my mother as we baked sugar cookies (my dad’s favorite). I also remember the one time that she and I decided to make divinity. With corn syrup ready, we set up shop in our kitchen, preparing to whisk our way into divinity “Hall of Fame” status. One of my favorites, I was really looking forward to that light airy burst of sweetness. We had heard that making it could be a challenge, but…really??

Well…years later, my mother and I still talk about that day. By the time it was over we had basically destroyed her mixer, trashed our kitchen and arms that felt like cooked noodles from the frantic stirring we did once the mixer died. Funny, we don’t remember the taste of the wonderful concoction that we ended up with, but what we remember is the laughter we shared. Those are the things that we need more of.

So, as you make your way through the season, try to take a little time to enjoy the company of loved ones. Why not gather in the kitchen and share times baking together.  Here are some Christmas favorites to get you going. The treats won’t last long, but the memories will.

Top 5 Christmas treats: Click on image to enlarge!

1. Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookie

2. Snickerdoodles

snickerdoodle recipe

3. Divinity (Please note: The recipe I am posting uses the microwave!)







Christmas Crack


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