Clyde Watson for Constable

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Clyde on horse

When Clyde Watson made the decision to throw his hat into the political ring, it was quite likely a decision made while sitting on the back of either a horse or a mule. For Watson, that’s just about the only place he’d rather be, but since announcing his intentions for the Constable job the days of freedom he enjoys now might be numbered.

Watson won’t mind though, he likes the thought of serving the public again. With 27 years of experience in public service (that’s 10 years with the Sheriff Office as a Deputy and then 17 years with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) Watson is hopeful the voters will allow him to do just that. Once the current Constable announced his intention to run for Sheriff, Watson says people began to approach him with the idea of running for Constable.

As someone that has long experience in law enforcement, as well as history with Jack County (his grand father, Bud Pankey was the Post Master for Vineyard and a number of Watson’s family were in law enforcement) Watson feels that he will bring a lot to the table.

“I care about Jack County and the people here. I think the Constable needs to be able to make a difference in the people they deal with. I want to make a difference”.

When asked about goals Watson stated (if elected) “The main one for now would be the Courthouse security and communications. What has been done to this point is good” Watson said, then added “But there are always ways we can adjust and improve”. If elected, Watson would like to see better technology to improve such communication.  “Communications between the departments and with the public is vital in keeping the public safe. We all need to work together.”

One of the key issues that has been talked about over social media sources is the use of the K9. Watson feels strongly about working with the Sheriff Office to get a dog back on the force. Watson was the first officer in Jack County to work with and use a K9. “Mars was a German Shepard that I trained and worked with back in the days as a Deputy.” Watson has also trained dogs for use in search and rescue. “I enjoy working with dogs. I even raise and train Border Collies for ranch work.”

What he is for…

  • Crime watch programs in Jack County. Watson would like to see more communities initiate programs in their area.
  • Getting the youth of the county involved in law enforcement and community programs
  • Educating the public on the use of guns. Watson says “We need more classes offered to the public. If they are going to carry a gun, that’s great as long as they know how to use one.”
  • Being involved with the schools and families in order to prevent excessive truancy issues.

What he’s against…

  • Allowing obstacles to interfere with achieving your goals. Watson says “Just because you have an obstacle, you still have to get the job done.”
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