Commissioners appoint interim JP and County Clerk

April 4, 2016     By: Sandi Argo

Commissioners held a special meeting today to discuss the vacancies that were left with the retirement of 2 of Jack County’s long time “cornerstones”. County Clerk, Jan Robinson and Justice of the Peace Nolan Dunlap celebrated their service to the county on March 31st, then gracefully left the building! Since then the number of people vying for the position of Interim JP (the election to be held in November) has gone off the charts! The commissioners were left with a tough decision to make…whether to appoint interim or to wait and let the people speak up (and vote) for their choice. After each candidate was given the opportunity to tell the commissioners why they were the best one for the job, the courtroom was emptied and commissioners went into a closed session to discuss each applicant.

The closed session ended before noon, and the decisions were as follows: Vanessa James was named the interim County Clerk (only one other person had declared interest but then withdrew) and Stacy Spurlock was appointed the interim Justice of the Peace. Commissioner Terry Ward noted “We had a hard choice to make. They were all great applicants.”

Now the race will be on to see who declares their intention to run for these 2 positions in November. Both Dunlap and Robinson held their offices for long consecutive terms and will be big shoes to fill. For now, the focus will be to get caught up in the JP office and to get things settled in the County Clerk’s. One thing is for certain, like spring, change is in the air. The question remains to be seen whether the future is bright and sunny, or if stormy times await the political season.

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