Commissioners meet with light agenda

County commissioners met on Monday for the regularly scheduled meeting. It was a light agenda on this bright November morning, with all commissioners present. Getting down to business, they heard from Frank Hefner, concerning the courthouse internet. Hefner discussed how the courthouse internet was lacking in speed and that he has been working with AT&T to get it updated. With the planned improvements, the speed will go from about 8 to 10 MB to 18, a big improvement that will make life easier for county offices.

Also discussed were the county roads, which were once again inundated with local heavy rains last week. Commissioner James Brock stated the condition of many roads in the Perrin area had been washed out, once again, and repairs are underway. The area has been catching rainfall from disturbances that have passed through, dumping several inches in spots. Commissioners have been using money from the CTIF Grant to repair roads throughout the county.  With calls for a wet winter looming, Commissioners and residents both have to wonder what the future holds.

The next scheduled meeting will be held November 23rd. Public comments are always welcomed.



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