County celebrates retirement of 3

Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five I still had pimples.

George Burns

The county said their fond farewells to 3 of their own on Monday as they celebrated their retirement. For Earlene Rhodes, Ellen Crombie and Glenda Lamberson the day was bittersweet. Excited to be able to travel and do thing they haven’t had time to do, saying goodbye to their daily routines and co-workers was not the easiest thing to do, although by the end of the week they were pretty adjusted to their new lives.

When asked what the retirees had planned for the future, a similar sentiment was expressed by each. Spending time with family (grand kids especially) as well as traveling and even gardening were mentioned among the items they were looking forward to being able to do.

With decades of time spent working for the county accumulated, the experience that was lost will be tough to replace anytime soon. The employees of the county and the DPS showed up in great numbers to send the trio off in style. A buffet of foods and desserts filled a table and the employees sat and ate and enjoyed each others’ company.

Once the party had wrapped up, each of the three said their personal goodbyes and then walked down the hallway of the courthouse for one last time as an employee, leaving the familiar behind and looking forward to what comes next.

Congratulations to all 3. It is a well deserved time, enjoy!

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County employees gathered to celebrate the retirements of Earlene Rhodes, Ellen Crombie and Glenda Lamberson. Photos by Sandi Argo


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