County Treasurer comes home with a TREASURE!

July 14, 2015: By Sandi Argo

When County Treasurer, Kim Gibby, left for a couple of weeks of “family time” she was prepared to come home with trinkets showing memories from the trip to the west coast. What she wasn’t expecting was to find anything that came right from the very place she left, but that was exactly what happened. Thanks to her father-in-law, Jerry Gibby, an avid “yard sale” fan, Gibby brought back a treasure for her office… a beautifully preserved, vintage plate commemorating the Jack County Centennial. The plate was found by her father in law at a yard sale, in California, and immediately went home with him. Once Gibby and her family arrived for their vacation, the plate was passed along to Gibby, who proudly displays it in her office at the courthouse. The plate gives details of the history of the courthouse(s) that have made their way through Jack County history. The first was purchased for $800 back in 1857. The second courthouse was where the trials of Satanta and Big Oak were held. In 1885 the third courthouse was completed, but razed in 1938 when the present courthouse was completed. The courthouse is currently undergoing restorations, with the Law Library the most recent to be made over. Commissioners voted 3 years ago to proceed with the project, as the courthouse was in great need. With a face lift and a big dose of TLC the building has once again become a center of activity for the county, with organizations using the surrounding streets for locations of their many fundraisers. Each June, the Lions Club hold a fish fry on the lawn to kick off the annual Rodeo.




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