Court rules in favor of Plaintiff in eviction case

A civil case was heard early Monday morning over the eviction of a local woman that had been living in a home on Belknap, after losing a heated battle with the city over an abatement. After the city abated the property belonging to the woman, she found herself in need of a place to stay. A local couple offered her the use of a home they owned and were moving out of, and in a verbal agreement it was established the woman could live in the home free of rent as long as she would clean up the home and do repairs. According to the testimony given by the witness for the home owner, the home was found to be in worse condition after the woman moved in than when the home owner had left. The witness stated that the woman had not acted according to the agreement and that the work she had promised to do had not been done. According to the witness, the woman had also made a hole in the wall, allowing her dogs to roam in and out of the house freely. The woman defended her actions, stating that she had painted walls, hung cabinets, cleaned carpets, and fixed other issues with the home. She also stated that the home was in a big mess when she had moved in, and that she had cleaned it up.

After hearing the testimonies of witnesses and seeing evidence presented by the home owner, the Judge ruled in favor of the home owner. Although nothing has been formally filed, that we know of, the woman stated that she will appeal the decision. So far, the case has gone through the JP office and now the District Court, both courts have ruled in favor of the home owner.

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