Democratic Devotions, By Michael Mask

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A wise man or woman (and often women can be wiser than men but just ignored) uses words/vocabulary with great care for surely misuse would get one into deep trouble.


Modern political rage and maneuvers in the linguistic area have debased language and distinction to a juvenile shouting match.  The very talented British author, Eric Blair whose pen name George Orwell, associated with brilliant essays, insight, and the classic fictional dark dictatorship, “1984,” wrote an analysis of corruption of language and accuracy in politics. His major theme was governments and politicians fear the dictionary with its precise definitions more than they fear voters’ intelligence (which the politicians always undervalue).


Orwell wrote of ‘newspeak’ language in which labels replace logic, distinctions disappear, slander becomes standard and analysis is consider abstract and absurd.


Modern examples abound. Since 1930’s according to the left media, anyone justifying/supporting the banks, the wealthy, or capitalism is portrayed as a selfish, greedy, and corrupt bigot politician.  One must marvel where that designation would place national heroes and wealthy men such as Washington, Jefferson, Ronal Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, or John and Robert Kennedy, all from different parties – all multimillionaire reformers! On the right, any government program or aid to the less fortunate in our economic system is deemed dictatorship, welfare, and unearned giveaways. Today, Protest Tea Party groups have carried pictures of Obama with Hitler mustaches and comparisons to Stalin and proclaiming his totalitarian sympathies.


Such distortions from either side are tragic and laughable.  Hitler killed 50 million people, started the most violent world war, and was openly and proudly racist while Stalin (Russian dictator 1930-1953) crushed opposition and created the largest concentration camps in history, killing over 60 million people in his own country.


If one is truly conservative and anxious to preserve our civilization, it would help to ACCURATELY use words and CORRECT definitions.  As Mark Twain wrote: “the differences in using the right word or term wrongly is like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

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