Democratic Devotions, By Michael Mask

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Within the past month our governor Greg Abbott has made a plea for a remarkable change in our national government.  He calls for a “new” U.S. Constitution.


As a long avowed conservative and constitutionalist, this is a signal event.  The governor’s plan is labeled the “Texas Plan” and is outlined forcefully in a 90 page broadside which eloquently is part summary of past constitutional history as well as proposal for several significant constitutional amendments.


Politicians from both major political parties have had a fetish in the past 20 years about constitutional alteration.  Here are some proposed amendments ALL OF WHICH FAILED to get 2/3rds vote of both houses of Congress to pass on to the States:

  • – Balance Budget
  • – Prayer in Schools
  • – Ban on Abortion
  • – Abolish Electoral College (this one has a unique distinction having been proposed more often than most of over 200 times!)
  • – Campaign Financing Reform
  • – “Equal Rights” Amendment
  • – Term Limits for Congress

And so it goes.


Governor Abbott’s staff and writers describe a modern flawed constitution distorted by judicial activism and executive overreach.  The real fact is constitutions are made to protect the “living” generation.”


Constitution “expansion” as we might term it occurs because of changed circumstances. America is now a continental country with population 20 times what is was in 1787.  Our diversity of population and properly enlarged moral sensibilities such as with race and religion, have affected our constitutional standards.


On Governor Abbott’s view of need for a convention, one must ask:

  1. Would we get delegates as talented as Washington, Franklin, Madison, and Hamilton?
  2. Why would we suppose such a convention would not deadlock just as Congress has done in the past?


I suggest we not engage with this dangerous/doubtful and expensive proposal.  I advocate conserving maintaining our present constitution.

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