Early morning fire destroys camper at park

February 25, 2016  By: Sandi Argo   Photos by: Mariah Pogue

The typical early morning quiet that normally finds those staying at Perrin’s Mitchell Park was shattered this morning, with the loud sound of sirens as the Perrin Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call of a camper on fire.

According to witnesses, a passer-by happened to notice the smoke as he was headed down highway 2210, in front of the park. Being hailed as “a good Samaritan” the un- named man came to the camper (after calling 911), determined if there was anyone inside, alerted nearby campers of the fire and moved a vehicle away from the burning camper.

The camper was a total loss, from a fire that burned so hot that even the tongue of the trailer was bent from the heat. 2 nearby campers were also damaged, with melted siding and vents. All agree though that things could have been a whole lot worse. According to witnesses the trailer belongs to a family that used it as a 2nd home to save travel time to and from work. Witnesses say the occupants had left for their early commute when the fire broke out. According to park resident, Mariah Pogue, “A good Samaritan stopped to make sure everyone was okay, then came and woke me up” Pogue added “No fatalities, the trailer is burned down to the frame, the 2 trailers on either side have melted windows and siding, but everyone’s okay” Pogue added “The guy even grabbed a hose and tried protecting the other trailers”.


Mitchell Park is a popular place for both short stays and extended. The well maintained park is set up with 46 cottages and 112 RV sites, and stays busy with special events held at the park, having recently added an event facility. Like the owners of the burned camper trailer, many stay at the park while working at locations nearby.

According to Pogue, the occupants of the burned trailers were being assisted by the park owners until they could get settled on their own.

Jack County RVFD responded to the fire as well.




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