FCH Hosts Wellness Center Update

At a recent meeting held at the current Faith Community Hospital, Hospital CEO Frank Beaman held a captivated audience. The subject was the future Wellness Center, and how it stands to benefit the residents of Jack County. In an eye opening statement, Beaman read off a few surprising statistics.

First, the not so good news…

  • Jack County is currently at a 29% obesity rate (21% is the state average)
  • 26% of Jack County residents surveyed consider themselves inactive
  • Jack County (along with Hudspeth County and LaSalle County) are the bottom 3 counties in the state with adequate access to locations that have access to physical activity that promotes fitness.

Now, the great news!

  • With the planned facilities coming to the new hospital. Jack County has great potential to become a healthcare-wellness destination.

Thankfully, the future looks very good for the residents. With the Wellness Center on the near horizon, opportunity to change the stats will be open to everyone. The wellness center, according to Beaman, will be a membership driven facility, with just shy of 10,000 square feet that will not just change the stats but will change lives.

Beaman stated that the membership will be reasonably priced and that they will work with people seeking health improvements, who may find membership fees a challenge, to make it affordable for them too.  Beaman also noted that although the center is not a Physical Therapy facility, it will be perfect for post PT patients seeking a place to continue with their PT exercises.

The center will be staffed with employees qualified to lead participants in wellness programs and education will be encouraged. The hospital itself will have a education room and, in an exciting statement to those attending, Beaman discussed how the hospital cafeteria can and will play a part in the improvements too. Once the hospital opens, they will open to those that wish to enjoy a tasty, nutritional meal…breakfast, lunch and supper! As a matter of sample, Beaman noted the meal they served at the luncheon was an example of what they will serve, a meal that anyone would stand in line for. We had roasted chicken with salad and a fruit dessert that was amazing! Beaman said the calorie count on the meal was about 600 (not bad for the great nutrition we enjoyed)!

In the world of “political correctness” words seem to have lost their value. Before concluding the presentation, Beaman said, in a very sincere statement, that people who use the facilities they are building, whether they are in the hospital because of illness or injury, or if they are using the Wellness Center to work out, or if they are dining at the cafe… each person that comes to the new FCH facility are their guests, and will be treated accordingly. How very refreshing!

Rendering of the new campus, currently under construction

Rendering of the new campus, currently under construction

The new facilities, currently under construction

The new facilities, currently under construction


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