FCH photos bring Jack County life to light

August 2017

Story and photos by Sandi Argo


When the doors of Faith Community Hospital opened in September of 2015, the locals knew that there would be new opportunity for many. From jobs to volunteering, the expectations were high and FCH has not let anyone down. One unexpected opportunity has yielded a “product” that is worthy of one’s time to visit the new hospital. Faith Cafe, you may be asking? Well, although that is definitely a place that one should mark as their regular favorite place to eat, the hallways of the hospital is where we would like to direct your attention.

Soon after the opening, a call went out for local photographers to submit their favorite pictures depicting life in Jack County. The call was soon answered by countless photographers from all over the area! The submissions went to a jury to compete for a spot on the walls of the hospital, where they are proudly hanging today. From cowboys to cactus, just about every wonderful aspect of our county is represented beautifully. Back in the spring of this year the call went out again to add to the collection already hanging, and again they came in multitudes.

One photo hangs in the foyer, next to the front desk. Many are surprised to learn that it is an actual photo, they think it is a painting of bluebonnets and wildflowers. CEO Frank L. Beaman loves the photos that have been gracing the walls for over a year now, saying “The artwork hanging throughout the hospital now has added a wonderful touch to our facility,”  Beaman says  “There is so much talent in our area, and we are excited to give residents an opportunity to showcase their work.”

According to Allie Elenburg, Director of Marketing and Development, the photographers came from all over and from all ages, including Windsor Godfrey, a skilled photographer at the age of 13.

When in town, take the time to stop over at the hospital for a bite to eat, and a stroll through the hallways and waiting rooms. Look closely at the names of those whose photos have made the walls, you will likely know at least one or 2. You will leave feeling very satisfied from the experience, and from knowing there is a place in our community that one can go to find inspiration, peace and calm all hanging from the walls.


Beautiful photos give viewers at Faith Community Hospital a small insight of the wonderful world we call Jack County…




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