Foot chase nets one “not so swift” bike thief

From the desk of Jacksboro Police Chief Terry McDaniel

This morning, a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper attempted to stop a motorcycle in the city on Highway 148, the motorcycle, later discovered to be stolen, which wrecked out behind Tractor Supply. The driver ran away west on foot.

The DPS trooper (stationed in Graham and somewhat unfamiliar with the city) saw him run toward a building and thought it was the High School, but it was the hospital, and stated to dispatch he ran toward the High School.

JHS and Jacksboro Elementary were immediately placed on lock out by JPD SRO Windham and JISD officials as a precaution. The suspect was apprehended soon after by a great job from officers of the Jack County Sheriff’s Department, Jacksboro PD, and DPS. The suspect was hiding behind the hospital. The school lock out worked perfectly and was short lived


Editors note:This is the exact reason that we need to back our law enforcement. Each and every day they put their very own lives between each of us and the criminals. These are our friends, our neighbors, our heroes. Thank them when you see them. Help them when you can, and when they need it. SUPPORT them always.


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