FUMC sale sees success

Among the many things offered for folks to do around the county this past weekend was an inside sale at the First United Methodist Church. An annual tradition, the sale shared the weekend with the Jack County Sheriff Posse Rodeo and other events planned for the same time. Business went well and the sale was a success!

Church members gathered items and set up tables full of treasures for waiting buyers. From glassware to furniture to toys and everything in between, the shoppers walked away pleased with their bargains.

A gorgeous quilt from the Quilting Club was raffled and won by Deubrella Horton, and 2 Walmart gift cards ($100 each) were given away as well. Winners were Sara Easter and Marcia Jackson.

The money raised will go toward the maintenance of the church, and other designated community projects

sale 3 sale 2 sale 1

Beautiful quilt being put together from a beautiful group of ladies! The quilt will be  given away in a raffle at the Pioneer days in June.

Beautiful quilt (photo taken as it was being put together) from a beautiful group of ladies! The finished quilt was given away in a raffle this past Saturday.



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