Harvey Relief Drive set for September 1

The Texas coast has taken a very hard hit this week from hurricane Harvey. Anyone within shouting distance from a TV knows from the news stations that the people of that region (from Corpus Christi to Houston) have been dealt a tremendous blow from historical rainfall amounts, as well as tornadoes and other elements from the hurricane. Jack County has many ties to the coast through families and friends of our locals.

A Relief Drive has been scheduled for this coming Friday, September 1 beginning at 11am. The event is being put together by Sharon VanBaale and Sadie Worthington (neither of which are un-familiar with hosting special events)! As the rains continue to pour, and the (now tropical depression Harvey) continue to batter the coast, experts still do not know what to expect the final outcome of loss to be. From all accounts, this is an unprecedented and historical weather event. The Relief Drive will help get necessary supplies to those in great need. Please take time to contribute to this worthy cause. Make plans now to bring your donations to the Relief Drive.

We can all make a difference!

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