• My heart has been so troubled in the last days, weeks and months for my dear friends who get up each day prepared to sacrifice their very lives for me, if need be. They are willing to do that for everyone, no matter what race, no matter what “class”, no matter how much we make or how much we don’t. No matter if the person they are protecting has a record, no matter if they are a pillar of society. They are ready and willing to step in front of us and yes, die, because they have a calling to protect, a calling to serve.
    These men and women do a job that others, like me, either didn’t have the “calling” or maybe the guts to go through with it. That doesn’t make us bad….but it does put them in a position that we need to respect. And until a short time ago, we did. Now though, there has been such a colossal breakdown in our society that “the people” feel entitled to serve their own brand of justice, and they are serving it to those who are innocent. They are attacking the uniform, ignoring the human behind it.
    How did we get to this? Funny, I place a large portion of the blame on the media. With social media so prevalent it has become a footrace to see who can get the story out first, with no consideration to those involved and how it can effect a case. The media will often attempt to “fill in the blanks” when information is not readily available. People turn to social media for facts, but remember…social media is not reliable. I don’t know how to change the way it is, but I know it has to be changed. We NEED these heroes to know we support them, we appreciate them. We NEED them. I can not imagine this world without them, doing what they do. I hope we never see that day, where we become unprotected. Heaven help us.
    Today I will honor my friends, my protectors. Today I will lift you all up in prayer. I will pray for your safety, first and foremost. Then I will pray that your spirits will be lifted and you will feel, deep down, that you make such a difference to people like me…and so many others. Society. And I will give thanks for you, and for your families. They sacrifice as well.
    Thank you. Please know that you ARE appreciated.

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