Heavy rains move in to county

Heavy rains moved into the area late Thursday evening, thanks to a system that came from  New Mexico. Amounts ranging from 3.5 inches to 4.5 have been reported. The rains came as a welcomed friend to the parched area. Burn bans have been in place for several weeks, due to the highly volatile vegetation that grew this summer. The spring rains produced a large amount of growth to grasses and brush but the extremely dry summer turned the scene to a fire danger.

The next chance for rain will begin later this evening as moisture from a record setting hurricane, Patricia, that is taking aim at eastern Mexico and West Texas.

According to the National Weather Service, “Patricia poses problems for Texas, which is bracing for a rare “back door storm” hitting the western part of the state first, unlike most Gulf hurricanes striking Texas from the southeast. Forecast models indicate that after the storm breaks up over land, remnants of its tropical moisture will likely combine with and contribute to heavy rainfall that is already soaking Texas independently of the hurricane”.

“It’s only going to make a bad situation worse,” said meteorologist Dennis Feltgen.

The alert for flooding issues came early in the afternoon on Wednesday for Jack and Wise counties as well as the surrounding areas.


Will the flood gates be closed again soon? Only nature really knows. Hurricane Patricia will be causing potential flooding in the area over the weekend.


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