Herd’s sees new “World Record”*

*Not a record related to the Guiness World Records

July 4th, 2015: By Sandi Argo

Herds Hamburgers celebrated a new “World Record” this week. Armed with a bottle of water and an empty stomach, “Burger Warrior” Beau Thompson stepped where mortal men fear to tread. 16 patties later, Thompson wound up in the Herds Record Book.

The phenomenon called Herd’s began way back in 1916 and has grown to legendary status, with visitors coming from as far away as Hawaii. Locals make a regular trek to get their “burger fix” and one patron from near-by Chico has been known to re-route his day in order that he would “happen to be in the neighborhood” to stop in.

The burger record started several years ago when 3 cousins put away 6 patties (a quarter pound of meat in each). The record quickly went from 6 to 8 and then 10 patties. “Burger Warrior” Thompson set a record at 13 patties, which was broken some time after. Then, back in March of this year, Nathan Clay stepped up to set a whopping 15 patty record.

Not afraid of a challenge, Thompson ordered the mammoth 16 patty burger and settled in for the battle. The burger also included: buns, 16 slices of cheese plus the veggies. Weighing in at over 4 pounds, the colossal burger was hardly a challenge to Thompson. Finishing in a mere 40 minutes, Thompson proved that he was the Burger Champ. The reward for such feat is pretty cool, a photo on the “Wall of Fame” and having a burger named after the record holder (called the “Super T”…soon to be on the menu).

Who will dare to face the Goliath of Burgers in the future? Only time will tell. But chances are that one day a brave warrior will again step up for the challenge. And there is no doubt, when they do, Herd’s will be ready.

Burger Champ, Beau Thompson, poses with his 16 patty burger, moments before setting a new Herd's record.

Burger Champ, Beau Thompson, poses with his 16 patty burger, moments before setting a new Herd’s record.

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