Historic election in Jack County

Jacksboro and Jack County residents made their wishes known in an historic election day that brought about a number of changes. The first, and perhaps one of the most controversial,  is the approved sale of alcohol in the city of Jacksboro. After numerous attempts, the sale of alcohol (of all types, not just beer and wine) was approved by a large margin. Another change came to the southern end of the county, with a number of new school board members in the Perrin Whitt district. The following are unofficial results, posted on social media by County Judge Mitchel Davenport.

Unofficial Jack County Returns


Trump/Pence 2668
Clinton/Kaine 288
Johnson/Weld 32
Stein/Baraka 8

County Attorney
Brad Dixon 2546
Michael Mask 433

Commr. Prct 3
Henry D. Birdwell, Jr. 844
Chuck Bilby 192


Liquor Proposition
For 904
Against 273
PWCISD School Board
Lewis Keener 12
Mike Adams 46
Darren Francis 130
Jason A Bryan 25
Linda Richardson 56
Mike Withaeger 10
James Hall 75
Matthew Barnes 10
Shawn Parker 19
Johnny Meyers 49
Russell Turner 45
Chad Lambert 59

Unexpired Term
Mark Sims 125
Teresa J Price 33

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