Holidays are over, now the real fun begins!

January 6, 2016   By: Sandi Argo

For a lot of the folks around the area, the Christmas season almost seems like a blurred memory. The trees have been packaged back into their boxes or other means of storage, the tinsel and bows neatly put away for the next 11 months. In what was seemingly one swift motion we went from Homecoming to New Years and back to the dull and mundane months of winter. That is, unless you happen to be in the FFA or 4H. In that case the last few weeks have been filled with washing, clipping and exercising your animal project, or perfecting the recipe that you will hopefully impress the judges for the food show. Whatever your project, the holiday time was work time.

The Jack County Youth Fair begins tonight, with weigh in for many animal classes beginning at 5 pm. All animals must be in place by 6 pm.  Schools around the county will have early release schedules for Thursday (as follows)

  • Bryson will release classes at 12:30 pm
  • Jacksboro will release classes at 11:30 and
  • Perrin will release classes at 12 pm.

The rabbits will kick off the show, beginning with a 2 pm weigh in deadline and the show beginning at 3 pm.

The Jack County Youth Fair is held each year, the first full week of January. As anyone involved in the annual event will tell you, more times than not the weather is frigid and often wet. But the spirit inside the fair barn is always warm and inviting. With the Ft Worth Stock Show looming in the near future, the Youth Fair is a great way to tune up for “the majors”.

Mark your calendars and make plans to make your way out to the Youth fair barns, out on highway 59 (out by the lakes). The kids need the support and you will have a great time!

Youth fair Schedule

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