Hospital to celebrate special week…

Faith Community Hospital will be joining health facilities near and far to celebrate National Hospital Week. The following is a special press release from FCH CEO Frank Beaman…

Faith Community Hospital Celebrates Special Week

Local medical center observes National Hospital Week, May 10-16.

JACKSBORO, Texas (May 6, 2015) – With the replacement facility just months away from opening, Faith Community Hospital (FCH) has much to celebrate during National Hospital Week (May 10-16), an event designed to honor critical medical services and resources available to residents of Jack County.


National Hospital Week is a nationwide campaign where thousands of hospitals from across the country celebrate the healthcare professionals and their services that keep our communities healthy. What began in 1921 as the brainchild of a magazine editor who wanted to educate the public about the work of hospitals, National Hospital Week has become one of the nation’s largest healthcare celebrations.


“Our current facility has definitely served us well for nearly six decades, but it’s time to look forward to a new generation of medical services in Jack County,” says Frank Beaman, CEO of FCH. “Most of your healthcare needs can be provided for here in Jacksboro, and that’s something special in a rural cpmmunity”.

Beaman explains how 10 rural hospitals have closed in Texas over the past couple of years. While that may not sound troublesome, he reminds us that only 26 percent of all counties throughout Texas have local access to hospitals. “Many don’t know about the value hospitals bring until they are in a medical emergency, and that’s something that we need to change,” Beaman explained. “Having a state-of-the-art facility within a short drive is important for many with chronic conditions or in emergency situations.”


The hospital’s dedication has been tested over time, yet they remain resilient. The facility has continued to evolve by adding programs and services, with more underway once the replacement facility opens early this coming fall.


FCH offers a wealth of medical services including: 24-hour emergency care, advanced radiology services including CT scanning and MRIs, outpatient lab, surgical services, physical rehabilitation, and more. Local medical providers are also available in a variety of specialties, including family practice, obstetrics, sports medicine, internal medicine, and surgical services.


FCH is committed to remaining agile and continuing their mission of providing the best in medical care for the communities in Jack County. As the region evolves, FCH will continue to be nimble in caring for the needs of local residents. Adding to its local importance, FCH is also a major contributor to the economics of Jack County, creating a critical source for jobs and services.


About Faith Community Hospital…

Opened in 1958, Faith Community Hospital is a 41-bed facility that provides healthcare services for residents of Jack County.  The hospital offers a wealth of medical services including: Inpatient care, minor surgeries, obstetrics, Level IV 24-hour trauma center, advanced radiology services including CT scanning, outpatient lab, physical therapy, social services, patient education, rural health clinic, and more. For additional information, please visit

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