Jack County voters gearing up for a showdown

In what can easily be called the most heated race in recent county history, voters in Jack County headed to the polls to cast their ballots, in droves it seems. Although the early vote started out with closer to average turnout, many voters held back, waiting for the Jack County Sheriff Q&A before making their final decisions. The Q&A was held February 20th, giving voters a full week afterwards to choose.

281 voters made their way to the courthouse to cast their votes the first week, prior to the Q&A. Once the Q&A was over, an additional 522 voters, loaded with information they learned at the Q&A event, voted for their choice. When the polls closed on Friday, a staggering 803 early voters had  cast their ballots.

Jack county has a total of 4836 registered voters. Although the national focus is on the divided race between Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, the focus for Jack County has been the Sheriff race, with 3 very qualified contestants vying for the job.

County employees will be off tomorrow, due to the election. The Jack County New Edition will be out and about, waiting for results.


The Primary Election is March 1, 2016 from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM at your voting location below.


 The voting locations are as follows:

Voting Precinct 1:  Jack County Youth Fair Barn

Voting Precinct 2:  Church of Christ, Perrin

Voting Precinct 3:  Jacksboro City Hall Council Chambers

Voting Precinct 4:  County Courtroom, 2nd Floor, Courthouse

Voting Precinct 5:  Senior Citizen Center, Bryson

Voting Precinct 6:  Assembly Room, Basement, Courthouse

The Sheriff….. (from the Republican Party website)

The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and has a range of duties that include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, and operation of the jail, including the safekeeping of inmates and operation of the jail commissary.

The sheriff also provides security for the courthouse, including  the county and district courts, assists with service of subpoena and other process and accepts bail for prisoners in his custody. In a county without a Bail Bond Board, the Sheriff sets bail bond policy for the county. Finally, the sheriff may conduct sales of forfeited property, property being sold at auction for failure to pay property taxes and property sold to satisfy judgments in civil cases.

As with all elected county officials, the sheriff has ultimate authority over the operations of the office, including the authority to hire and fire personnel and direct their daily activities. The sheriff also has authority to determine how to use all other resources allocated to the office during the budget process

Our Sheriff Candidates….


Melvin Mayo

I was elected Jack County Sheriff in 2012, after serving Jack County for fifteen years as a Deputy. I began work as a reserve deputy and part time dispatcher in 1997 and worked through the ranks serving as K-9 Officer, Patrol/Communications Lieutenant, Investigator, Chief Deputy, and serving you as your Sheriff for the last three years. I am married to my wife Liz and we have two children and three grandchildren. I worked in the Construction Industry for 27 years prior to starting my career in Law Enforcement. During those years I served as a Construction Manger and owned my own Construction Company. Liz and I also owned a Laundry/Dry Cleaners that operated in Jack and Young County for many years. I have always been in the people service business of some sort and enjoy being able to provide help to those in need. I also trained and served on the Graham Fire Rescue Department for five years as a volunteer firefighter. I have over 2800 hours of Law Enforcement training through Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). I currently hold a Master Peace Officers License, Jailers License, and a Telecommunicator License. I have trained at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland and hold a Fire Cause and Determination Certificate. I trained for 7 weeks at the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy. I hold a basic Narcotics Investigators Certificate from the DEA. I have extensive training in emergency management operations for Public Safety. My years of experience with people and project management coupled with my Law Enforcement training has provided me the skill set to serve the Citizens of Jack County as your Chief Law Enforcement Officer.


John Orr

My name is John Orr and I retired from the Irving Police Department after 25 years of service. I have two children who mean the world to me, a 14 year old son, Dillon and a 10 year old daughter, Allie. I moved my family to Jermyn in 2008 where we built our home, raised livestock, and put down our roots. Jack County is my home and where my children have been raised. I am an active member of Country Road Fellowship Church and can be found there most Sundays.

 During my career I have worked a variety of assignments including time as a Detention Officer, Patrolman, Undercover Investigator, Field Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant, and a Criminal Investigation Sergeant.

As a Criminal Investigations Sergeant I supervised the Youth Investigations Unit, Auto Theft, General Assignments, and Assisted in Crimes against Persons Investigations. I created and supervised a specialized group of investigators whose purpose was to proactively identify and address crime trends including Robberies, Thefts, Assaults, and arresting fugitives.  I have both investigated and supervised hundreds of investigations involving everything from thefts, to child predators, and murders. I specialized in on-line computer crimes, and auto theft investigations.

After retiring from the Irving Police Department, I went to work at the Young County Sheriff’s Department where I spent my time learning the differences between working at a Police Department and a Sheriff’s Office. I have become a part of their Special Response Unit, and a Field Training Deputy and have instructed several classes as a Texas Commission On Law Enforcement Instructor.

 I have a Master Peace Officers License. I have received over 40 commendations for outstanding police work. I earned the Life Saving award, Supervisor of the Year award, 2 Certificate of Merit awards along with several other awards. I have attended numerous training classes and am a graduate of the International Law Enforcement Academy leadership school.

 I believe Law Enforcement is a calling, much like being a pastor. It is all about providing a service to the citizens regardless of their financial or social status in the community. One of my favorite sayings is “it is never right to do wrong nor wrong to do right”. This type of mentality plays a strong role in my decision making, both personally and professionally. My strong Christian beliefs guide me in everything I do. I have taken an Oath to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States as it is written, not as its being interrupted by several of our national leaders. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, a NRA member, NRA pistol instructor, and a Handgun License instructor.


Tom Spurlock

In the 2012 Republican Primary you elected me, Tom Spurlock, to the position of Constable in Jack County.  I am now asking for your vote to become Jack County’s next Sheriff in the Republican Primary on March 1, 2016.  My goal is to make the Jack County Sheriff’s Office a professional agency with the number one goal to provide safety and security to all of the citizens of Jack County.
Having received 30 years of diverse training and experience, half or more of which has been in administrative positions dealing with budgets and supervising staff, and I feel that I am the best candidate for Sheriff.
I am licensed through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Master Peace Officer, Master County Jailer, Police Instructor, Police Firearms Instructor and Civil Process Proficiency Certificate.  I have also completed the Constables Leadership College offered by the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University, as well as, the Planning of New Institutions course at the National Institute of Corrections in Greeley, Colorado.
This is my family’s home.  We made it that way five and one-half years ago and plan on it staying that way for much more time to come.  Between my wife, Stacy, and I, we have two daughters and two sons, also six grand-kids. We are firm believers in our great creator and the strength of family and community.
We will work cooperatively with all law enforcement agencies in the county and surrounding counties for the common good of all of our citizens to get the drugs off of our streets, out of our schools and the thieves away from our homes and properties.  We all know that thefts and burglaries are often a direct result of drugs and alcohol and if we can greatly reduce the drugs, we can reduce the thefts and burglaries also.
I will increase patrol and drug enforcement, utilize the drug dog and we will jail and prosecute offenders.
I will also actively seek counties that are overcrowded to house their inmates in order to pay off the debt of the jail, which will lessen the impact on local taxes.
The Sheriff’s Office is here to serve you, the citizens of Jack County, and you will be served courteously and professionally.

So, there you have it. The choice is up to you, the voters. Polls open at 7 am, close at 7 pm. Good luck to all candidates in all races!!



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