Jacksboro FFA Ag Issues Forum team makes the rounds

The Jacksboro FFA “Ag Issues Forum” team has been keeping a busy schedule these days. From competing in the District meet (of which they advanced to the area meet) to making the rounds all over Jack County (and areas beyond) in order to perfect their skills (and to qualify to compete) the team has put a lot of miles under their feet. Perhaps no day more so than Tuesday where they started at The Bank of Jacksboro, then traveled to make their debate presentation to the Poolville FFA, the Perrin FFA, the Jack County Courthouse employees, Ft Richardson employees and to finish off the whirlwind tour they gave their presentation at the FFA Showcase, Tuesday night at the Ag barn.

Ag issues team

Jacksboro FFA Ag Issues Team: (From left) Landon Lewis, Tyler Rogers, Sheyenne Snow, Cason Hull, Hunter Hackley, Johnny Callan, Vanessa Garcia

The team, consisting of 7 members, have researched the use of antibiotics in livestock feed. They meticulously studied feed industry  along with the current standards and practices used. Armed with information, the team divided into 2 separate parts…one side FOR the use of antibiotics in the feed, the other OPPOSED to the practices. In well prepared presentation the students showed evidence for both sides. After the speeches, panel members were allowed to ask questions to the team about the practices of antibiotic use.  Although the individual team members do not necessarily follow or believe in the use or dis-use of antibiotics, each member readily articulated their opinion of the issue.

The team will compete in the Area meet on November 23rd.

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