Jacksboro OAP brings home multiple accolades!

March 6, 2016   Contributed By: Shelly Pruitt

The Jacksboro kids competed on March 2 in the district 9AAA zone One Act Play competition.  They took home 5 acting awards.  Awards were 3 honorable mention all star cast awards won by Candice Bell, Angel Bridges, and Travis Tomison.  An all star cast award was won by Karson Hood.  Nabbing the highest award for a male in the contest was Jacob Wykes who won Best Actor for the overall competition.
The technical crew gave a fantastic showing as well grabbing 3 awards.  Filo Ponce for best stage manager,  Troy Mitchell for best lighting, and Alex McDaniel for best sound.
They will travel to Gainesville to compete in the district round on Saturday, March 12.

Break a leg!!

Here is a summary of the awards won: (Congratulations!)

Photos contributed by Shelly Pruitt

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Cast and crew: (left to right) Candice Bell, Travis Tomison, David Massengale, Clinton Thornberg, Angel Bridges, Jacob Wykes, Filo Ponce, Hayden Overton, Jayleigh Forbus, Troy Mitchell, Arianna Silva, Karson Hood, and Alex McDaniel.


Advancing to district one act play members: Top row: director: Donna Fenter, assistant director: Kelly Hensley, UIL coordinator: Beverly Solomon Company: (left to right)–Karson Hood, Angel Bridges, Jayleigh Forbus, Candice Bell, Filo Ponce, Jacob Wykes, Arianna Silva, David Massengale, Clinton Thornberg, Troy Mitchell, Alex McDaniel, Hayden Overton, and Travis Tomison


ACTING AWARDS: honorable mention all-star cast: Candice Bell, honorable mention all-star cast: Angel Bridges, Best Actor: Jacob Wykes, all-star cast: Karson Hood, honorable mention all-star cast: Travis Tomison


Tech crew: best stage manager award: Filo Ponce, Hayden Overton, Jayleigh Forbus, Best lighting award: Troy Mitchell, Best sound award: Alex McDaniel.

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