Jacksboro Seniors share their vision of the future….


The graduating class of 2015 have big plans! With a future to build, they are ready to set out for whatever adventures await them. Instead of the usual biographies, we wanted to see what these great young men and women saw in their future, and it is proof that the younger generation has it “goin’ ON”!

Many of the graduates are headed to the healthcare fields, many in business. The desire to help others is strong…mom and dad, you have taught them well!

Good luck Class of 2015! We are proud to know you and excited to see you do great things!

Where Do You Hope to be in Ten Years?

I would like to be a photographer. – Kathryn Raeber

Playmaker, TX – Tyler Pippin

A Biomedical Technician. – Parker Jones

Being an RN at a metro Hospital – Ariana Ruiz

An RN with a family in my hometown in Arizona. – Caterin Sanchez

I will own my own bistro. – Shelbi Vanderkaay

In the Army living the dream – Weston Seward

I want to be a welder. – Raul Banuelos

Fixing tractors for a living – Colton Redding

Working in architectural design. – Frida Lopez

Doing mechanics on diesel and gas engines. – Jaziel Avalos

Doing everything with a smile. – Justice Drennan

Pipeline welding. – Justin Jay

Big family and professionally, I’ll be coaching. – Jensen Perkins

Alive and successful. – Kaitlyn Kennedy

Successful. Happy. And have a family. – Victoria Aydelott

Ag teacher. – Colby Jackson

Anywhere but here. – Brandon Nelson

Being awesome. – Adam May

Married and with my doctorate. – Micah Hargrave

A successful nurse. – Tyler Langley

Editor-in-chief at a publishing house. – Krystin Stell

Living wild and free. – Shaylan Bridges

Doing great things with great people. – Tinnin Smith

Breathing. – Hunter Smith

Having a family and with great friends. – Arman Tamez

In a big house. – Mason Armstrong

Graphic design for Microsoft. – Billy Forrester

Making a difference in the agriculture industry. – Kayla Martin

A successful English teacher and author. – Corey Tomison

Working in my own bakery. – Mattie Damron

Traveling the world with money in the bank. – Seth Kinder

Living life, far from here. – Daniel Mabbitt

Not looking at the price tag while I’m shopping. – Taylor Dodson

Working as a teacher. – Bailey Harmonson

I will be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). – Shalin Simmons

Work with my dad. – Gerardo Banuelos

Changing the world. – Jackson Barry

I plan to be an occupational therapist. – Alex Farber

Running my own business. – Cayley Strickland

Be at the top of a great company. – Chase Thompson

Married with a family and happy. – Ashley Lane

Getting my doctorate. – Aurelio Hernandez

Successful. – Krysten Hesteande

A Leader. – Jackson Bailey

Just simply living a happy life. – Lupe Ramos

A traveling veterinarian. – Megan Harris

I am going to be a teacher/coach. – Savanna Dunlap

Diesel, gas mechanic. – Zach Nelms

Radiologist and (hopefully) married. – Kayla Silva

Have a nice home and happy family. – Tanner Brooker

Traveling the world. – Paulina Ponce

I’m going to be a neonatal nurse. – Emilee Florance

A recording technician. – John Mason Hull

Running through the six with my woes. – Remington Amlong

Living the dream. – Olivia Roberts

To have a successful career and a happy family. – Ashley Browning

Hopefully making money with a family in a nice house. – Daniel Herod

I want to be helping mom with my brothers and working on a ranch in Mexico -Maria Palomar

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