JCSP Rodeo Part 3… Parade kicks off big weekend

May 26, 2016     By: Sandi Argo

The Jack County Sheriff Posse Rodeo is a long standing tradition in Jack County. What began in 1955 has undoubtedly become as familiar to the residents as apple pie, and as anticipated as Thanksgiving. Always held on the first weekend of June, it is perhaps by coincidence that it falls closely in the †time frame of high school graduations and summer breaks. As a matter of fact, to some residents, the official start of summer isn’t the Memorial Day weekend…. oh no, it is the rodeo weekend.

The JCSP Rodeo weekend starts on Thursday (June 2nd this year) with the Lions Club Fish Fry, held on the lawn at the courthouse. Families and friends will gather under the shade of the pecan trees to reminisce about the “good old days” and look forward to times to come. And eat fish. Always a favorite event for the lovers of deep fried bottom feeders, the Lions Club brings this delicious feast with all “the fixin’s”. Plates open at 5pm and they will serve until 6:30, but don’t get there too late or you might miss out. The annual fry gathers a big crowd of hungry folks, waiting until 6:30 might just result in you having to go to Herd’s for supper…not that it would be a bad thing either…

The Rodeo Parade will also hit the streets at 5pm on June 2nd. What better way to spend the late afternoon than in the shade watching a parade and eating fish! The parade will once again feature many horse entries, and who knows what else! Everyone likes dressing up in costume and parading down the middle of the street (although it is definitely frowned upon when there is no parade). If this parade is like the parades in the past, you can bet there will be no shortage of candy thrown. Stock up with parade candy, Halloween is in 5 short months….

Catch one performance or all 3, you’ll be glad you did.20160526_161515.jpg

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