JHS Awards Assembly

As the end of the school year fastly approaches so marks the time to recognize students for their achievements and hard work. What is normally an assembly about who did what inside the classroom turned into an assembly about what the students have done athletically as well. Due to recent storms, the Sports Banquet that was started on May 7th had to be continued along with the other awards.

Master Achievers

Master Achievers

Mr. Brad Burnett started the morning with the highest Academic Award received.

Master Achiever – Seniors: Victoria Aydelott, Katelin Bailey, Taylor Dodson, Shalin Simmons, Hunter Smith, and Cayley Strickland. Juniors: Diana Brock, Bayley Richardson, and Yuridia Delgado. Sophomores: Johnny Callan and Missy Cooley. Freshmen: Hunter Hackley and Kamlynn Thomas.

Honor Roll – Seniors: Remington Amlong, Justice Drennan, Emilee Florance, Megan Harris, Krysten Hesteande, Mason Hull, Seth Kinder, Ashley Lane, Kayla Martin, Jensen Perkins, Krystin Stell, and Chase Thompson. Juniors: Shaila Botello, Alexis Burnett, Mackenzie Crombie, Katherine Hensley, Karson Hood, Dawn Mathias, Jaden Richardson, Madison Swor, Paige West, and Jacob Wykes. Sophomores: Ashley Cox, Ashleigh Irwin, Jessica Lamberson, Lacy Lane, Carly Rhoades, Maci Thomas, and Sierra Villarreal. Freshmen: Britney Crye, Johnathan Green, Tyler Harmonson, Hannah Herd, Cason Hull, Landon Lewis, Wesley Nebgan, Amar Patel, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kailey Shaw, and Noelle Thurman.

Academic Award (a student that has a 92.00 average for the first five six weeks and does not have an unweighted grade below an 85.) – Seniors: Victoria Aydelott, Katelin Bailey, Taylor Dodson, Justice Drennan, Megan Harris, Shalin Simmons, Hunter Smith, and Cayley Strickland. Juniors: Diana Brock, Yuridia Delgado, Dawn Mathias, and Bailey Richardson. Sophomores: Johnny Callan and Missy Cooley. Freshmen: Hunter Hackley, Kailey Shaw, and Kamlynn Thomas.

Receiving Perfect Attendance for the 2014-2015 school year – Seniors: Katelin Bailey, Megan Harris, Krysten Hesteande, Parker Jones, Ashley Lane, Adam May, Brandon Nelson, Weston Seward, and Hunter Smith. Juniors: Diana Brock, Alexis Burnett, Yuridia Delgado, Karson Hood, Skye Justus, Jack Lamberson, and Jacob Wykes. Sophomores: Johnny Callan, Kaitlyn Carpenter, Ashley Cox, Michael Forbus, Alisha Holley, Kaylea Maples, Arely Monsivais, and Kade Weldon. Freshmen: Britney Crye, Emily Fenter, Cason Hull, Ricardo Rodriguez, Santiago Salazar, Kailey Shaw, and Noelle Thurman.

Office Assistants – Ashley Browning, Savanna Dunlap, Adam May, Taylor Nichols, Shalin Simmons, and Jacob Wykes.

NHS Officers – President: Katelin Bailey, V-President: Cayley Strickland, Secretary: Shalin Simmons, Treasurer: Jensen Perkins, Reporter: Paige West, Historian: Seth Kinder, Parliamentarian: Krysten Hesteande, and Student Council Rep: Karson Hood.

Student Council Officers – President: Katelin Bailey, V-President: Seth Kinder,

Every year teachers are asked to pick a student to receive the “Who’s Who” award, this year’s recipients are:

  • Music – Mason Hull
  • Business – Adam May
  • FCCLA – Ashley Browning
  • Drama – Kayla Silva
  • Boys Athletics – Tyler Pippin
  • Girls Athletics – Cayley Strickland
  • Science – Krysten Hesteande
  • Art – Victoria Aydelott
  • Graphic Design – Troy Mitchell
  • English – Shalin Simmons
  • Math – Johnny Callan
  • Spanish – Katelin Bailey
  • Agriculture – Hunter Smith

In the same manner that the teachers have to chose a top student, so do the students have to chose two top teachers. This years honor of top teachers goes to Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Joe Summars.


2014-15 Tiger & Tigerette Athletic Awards go to:

  • Cross Country MVP’s – Jessica Lamberson & Brandon Nelson
  • Volleyball Co-Offensive MVP – Jaden Richardson
    • Co-Offensive MVP – Brooklyn Green
    • Defensive MVP – Jaden Richardson
  • Football MVP – Jacob Bridges
    • Defensive MVP – Hunter Drennan
    • Co-Offensive MVP – Tyler Pippin
    • Co-Offensive MVP – Collin Kinder
  • Girls Basketball MVP – Jaden Richardson
    • Defensive MVP – Kaylea Maples
    • Offensive MVP – Jensen Perkins
  • Boys Basketball MVP – Caleb Martin
    • Co-Defensive MVP – Remington Amlong
    • Co-Defensive MVP – Payton Laake
    • Offensive MVP – Tyler Pippin
  • Golf MVP’s – Seth Kinder & Jensen Perkins
  • Girls Track MVP – Kaylea Maples
    • Long Distance MVP – Cayley Strickland
    • Field Event MVP – Lacy Lane
    • Sprinter MVP – Yuridia Delgado
  • Boys Track MVP – Caleb Martin
    • Sprinter MVP – Jacob Bridges
    • Sprinter MVP – Hunter Jackson
    • Field Event MVP – Caleb Martin
  • Powerlifting MVP – Tinnin Smith
  • Softball Silver Slugger – Kaitlyn Kennedy
    • Golden Glove – Savanna Dunlap
  • Baseball Silver Slugger – Hunter Drennan
    • Rookie of the Year – Clay Botello
    • Co-MVP – Chase Thompson
    • Co-MVP – Tyler Pippin
  • Fighting Heart Award – Megan Harris & Chase Thompson


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