June’s “Kitchen~ista” bids adieu with refreshing tart!


So,┬ásummer has officially begun. As the days heat up, it is nice to be able to dive into something cool and refreshing. Now, I’m not referring to a swimming pool (although they are refreshing, no doubt). No, what I am talking about is the wonderfully delightful Lemon Mousse Tart, from the kitchen of our June “Kitchen~ista”, Frances Easter!

I sat with Frances for a little while as we wrapped up the June segment. It was an amazing month, and I have been so blessed the past couple of months with this project! As we chatted about their upcoming 4th of July “gathering” I really got the sense of the magnitude of what she and husband, Floyd, are going to be doing for friends and family the morning of the 4th (their annual get together, where they will serve enough food to feed an army!) …just because…and the magnitude of how much they enjoy being able to do things for their loved ones.

The tart she served me brings to mind all of the good things about summer, catching fireflies…lemonade…watching fireworks. With the 4th of July bringing families together this weekend, this recipe will bring smiles to the faces of those you love.

Bon Appetit, my sweet friend Frances. Holler when you need a volunteer to taste a sample from your kitchen! I will be there. And in case I’m busy, I have an army of volunteers to gladly take my place!

Refreshing and wonderful, this Lemon Mousse Tart will bring smiles to all!


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