Law Enforcement agencies respond to reported lock down at JMS

Posted September 18, 2016    By Sandi Argo

Several of the local law enforcement agencies got a real time wake up call last week as a 911 call came in concerning an incident that occurred outside of the Jacksboro Middle School. Thanks to the swift actions taken by those responding, the incident was quickly resolved. According to a report from the Jacksboro Police Department:

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at approximately 1:09 pm, the Jack County Sheriff Office received a 911 call from the Jacksboro Middle School. A notification was made to the School Resource Officer (SRO), who was then contacted by an administrator. A decision to lockdown was made and the SRO activated all emergency assets. Officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Jack County Sheriff Office, the Jack County Constable Office, and the Jacksboro Police Department arrived on scene within minutes. After meeting with witnesses it was determined that a 19 year old male was enticed by students on the football field, which caused a verbal disturbance. Gestures and words were used by the suspect, implying he may have a weapon. The students notified the teacher, who made contact with the suspect. The teacher told the suspect to leave the campus and the suspect complied with his demands. The suspect was later found near the campus, where he was arrested with multiple charges filed. The male suspect was then transported to the Jack County Jail for booking, and was also given a Criminal Trespass warning for each school owned property. The staff at the Jacksboro Middle School and the Jacksboro ISD should be commended for a job well done.

While many of the parents were frightened as word traveled throughout the city of the incident, most would agree that the response of the agencies involved was vital in keeping the situation from escalating further. With so much turbulence in the nations schools, it is comforting to know that if or when needed, our local law enforcement agencies are well trained, well prepared and ready to respond. Training that nobody wants to ever see used.

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