Law Library ready to go…

The Law Library of the courthouse has seen the end of the restoration project that has been going on the past few months. The last part of the project, new chair assembly, was completed this week.

The courthouse will undergo further renovations in the coming weeks and months. County Commissioners decided to do restorations of the (now) 76 year old building in 2012, to bring it up to date. The building was in great need, and it happened that former Sheriff, Danny Nash retired at the same time. Nash, a very skilled craftsman, was chosen to do the restoration. In 2014 Commissioners hired Lane Argo and Rhonda Redding to assist in the upkeep of the building and yard, resulting in a courthouse that has become a place that “out of town-ers” like to stop and see.



Many people that may be familiar with the courthouse may not realize the courthouse was done in a classic “art deco” design, the subject of future articles here at the New Edition.


Elevator doors at the Jack County Courthouse show an example of the intricate detailing that was popular in 1939, when the building was done.


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