Local student sees future as philanthropist..

A local girl has been turning the heads of many business leaders and residents of Jacksboro lately. What began as a means to getting a cell phone (last year) has blossomed into something so much more.

When Lilli Gonzales, age 11, asked her parents for a cell phone last summer she was told that if she wanted a phone then she would need to come up with the money for one. When her parents, Libby and Luis, challenged the young girl they didn’t realize the direction it would go. The lemonade stand Lilli put together raised a little more than $100, more than enough for Lilli to get the phone that she was desiring, but when it came time for her to get it…something changed. Instead of buying the phone, Lilli took the money she had raised and gave it to the Jacksboro Animal Shelter to help pay on the account the shelter had at HBrand for food and other needs.

Not just a random, one time thing, Lilli decided to enlist the aide of her friends, Teagan and Tradyn Reynolds to throw a bigger and better fundraiser for the summer of ’15. The event was held on Tuesday (August 4th) at the Scarborough Center.

With baked goods donated from local “chef” favorites, including July Kitchen~ista Sherry Rupe, and items that the girls made themselves, the doors (and pockets) opened wide and the sale brought in over $600 for their causes, the Concerned Citizens and the Jacksboro Animal Shelter. ┬áBoth causes are close to Lilli’s heart, as an animal enthusiast the shelter is a natural choice. When asked about the Concerned Citizens, it turns out that she chose to raise money for them in honor of a friend that had passed away in March. The friend was a supporter of the Concerned Citizens.

Not to turn down a friend or cause in need, Lilli also held a lemonade stand earlier in the summer to raise funds for her little sister, who was going on a trip with family members.

Lilli’s mom sees a very busy future for the budding philanthropist. With volleyball, basketball and peewee cheer-leading taking up a majority of time, it would seem that finding time for helping others would not cross the mind of a typical 11 year old. That’s just it, Lilli certainly is not the “typical” 11 year old. In a recent conversation with her mom, Lilli stated “Mom, I know we (kids) can do something to help”. And that she has. Even with her busy schedule she finds time to pitch in and help out at the Clothes Closet.

As for the long term future, Lilli plans to attend Texas Christian University, where she would like to become either a dentist or orthodontist. One thing is sure, the young lady has it “going on” and the possibilities are endless. It is unlikely that she will be found sitting idle. As Libby said after the bake sale “We can only imagine what she will have us doing in the next few years”.

Whatever it is, chances are…it’s going to make someone happy.

Bake sale 1

Pies donated for the bake sale held to raise money for the Concerned Citizens and the Animal Shelter. The bake sale was put together by Lilli Gonzales and friends.

bake sale 3

Bacon and cheese scones, baked by Sherry Rupe, went fast! The sale brought in over $600 for the 2 causes.

bake sale 2

Yes, this was a chocolate filled cupcake…. was…..

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