Perrin prom not hindered by weather

April 18, 2015 : Written by Sandi Argo

Even though the weather caused several main events in the DFW area to come to a hault, it did not dampen the mood or slow down the Juniors and Seniors of Perrin High School. Dressed in their finest, they gathered tonight at the Texas Star, in Peaster. The night began with the students grouping together for photos, to the smiles of parents there snapping their own pictures of their kids, leading to the lights turned down for the party to begin! The room was beautifully decorated with a “Frozen” theme and the DJ played music from Miley to Miranda, and everyone in between. The guests were oblivious to the lightning show going on, which had fortunately moved to the east of the venue by the time the prom began. Prom Queen and King names will be announced as soon as the information becomes available.


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