Perrin Stock Show today

By Sandi Argo


Students at the Perrin schools have been hanging out at the ag barn a little more this week than they have since school began. In preparation for the annual Perrin Stock Show, kids have been putting their animals through their “show paces”. Bathing, grooming, and simply practicing in the show ring has been the routine, with great expectations for the day.

The show will begin with the rabbit class at 9, followed by lambs, goats, cattle and pigs. The Perrin show is the first of many for these students, with the major shows season coming up fast. Jack County Livestock Show will be held at the county fair barn in January. The stock shows are a great opportunity to see the special bonds that form between students and their projects, and to see the rewards of long hours spent taking care of their animals.

We wish all participants good luck today and at the shows to come!

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