Perrin Youth Sports Association holds stock show

The Perrin Youth Sports Association hosted a stock show Saturday at the Mineral Wells Expo barn. Although the weather showed no mercy, a great turnout came to participate or watch. Starting with the swine showmanship and going through to cattle, most classes had at least 3 to 4 participants, with some classes hosting up to 7.

The stock show was a great way to get the animals prepared for the upcoming show season, and kids as well. The money raised will help kids pay for future show animals. Promoter Ashley Hamilton (RAD Show Goats, Perrin) stated “It was an awesome turnout. Even though we blew a transformer, we pushed through without electricity. People came from all over Texas and even out of state to be a part of the show”.

Stock shows are a deep rooted part of our heritage, and Jack County has seen a great number of success over the years. The Jack County Youth Fair is held each January. Starting in August, with the North Texas Fair and Rodeo, in Denton (August 21st through 29th) the circuit will travel through cities such as Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and San Angelo. Winners will receive awards ranging from ribbons to trophies, buckles and even scholarship money.

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