Pirate Palooza Oct. 24th!

What time is it?
It’s PiratePalooza Time!!!
The PTO is hosting the Second Annual PiratePalooza!  It will be held on Saturday, October 24th, from 5PM to 9PM.  It will be Halloween themed.  There will be games, prizes, and LOTS of FUN!  Costumes are great, but must adhere to the school dress code.  PLEASE…No violent costumes, blood & guts, or inappropriate clothing/costumes.
We are looking for vendors!  Do you make and sell crafts?   Do you sell
a service or product?  Yes?  Then we are looking for you!  Do you know someone that would be interested?  Please, send them our way.
Jr. High and High School classes and clubs are encouraged to have a
booth too!  This will be a great fundraising opportunity for you!
Booth spaces will be $25.00 each.  There will be a $10.00 deposit
required.  You are responsible for your own payment methods (taking money, making change, etc.).  You are also responsible for cleaning up your booth space.  At the end of the evening, a PTO officer will be by to check your space.
At this time, you will be refunded your $10.00 deposit, when all clean up requirements have been met.  This will include:  all trash bagged, tied, and placed in specified area; any spills must be cleaned up; and the sweeping /mopping of your space if needed.  A broom, dustpan, mop and bucket will be provided.
If you would like to have a booth at the PiratePalooza, please fill out the attached form and return it to either the Elementary or the High School Office, along with your payment.  All booths require approval.  If your booth is not approved, you will be given the choice to sell something different or feature a different game or experience.  Or in the unlikely event that a suitable compromise cannot be reached, you may choose to receive a refund.
We are also looking for Parent / Guardian Volunteers!  If you don’t make or sell anything, but would still like to be part of the fun, please fill out the attached Volunteer Form and return it to one of the offices.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the PTO Officers.
Judy (P) 940-507-1178
Rhonda (VP) 682-333-7248
Buffy (Sec.) 682-803-6486
Amanda (Treas.) 817-597-8063
Deadline for booth entries will be Thursday, Oct. 22nd.
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