Pirates “bring it on” for Homecoming fans

A full crowd gathered at the Pirate field last night in what they hoped would be a good game between Perrin and Lake Country. Expectations were set high, as it was the Homecoming game. Most would agree, the night met or exceeded those expectations. Everything seemed to be perfect. The weather, which had been hot and humid the last few days, turned out to be a cool and breezy evening. Perfect weather, or close to it. The field and facilities were ready to go, concessions stocked with favorite choices, such as burgers and ‘dogs as well as new favorites, like the FroYo…which was a hit! Of course there were pretty girls, dressed to the 9’s and trying to look all “casual” as they greeted friends.

The game itself, well, to be honest it didn’t have the start up that the home team was hoping for. Lake Country came out fighting and for a while it didn’t look so good for the home team. No doubt, they were giving it all they had but the numbers were not reflecting on the scoreboard.

Then came half time. In what can only be described as a “YouTube moment”, one of the nominees for Homecoming Queen got a very unexpected surprise. As Chelsea Gregg ¬†and her escort (Zach Tucker) were being announced, with all their many accomplishments being told, and escorted onto the field (with her back to the home crowd) there came this from the loud speaker…” Chelsea tonight is being escorted by her father and by King Nominee Zachary Tucker…But wait, let’s change that…Chelsea will be escorted tonight by her brother U.S. Marine Lance Corporal, Ty Gregg”… The crowd erupted into shouts and applause as the surprise guest walked onto the field, in his finest uniform, and took the right arm of Chelsea in escort. Not a dry eye was seen throughout the stadium, and at that moment in time nothing else mattered.

Some would say that in in a fairy tale, Chelsea would have won the Homecoming Queen title. Although she did not, nobody will ever be able to convince her that the night was anything less than a fairy tale.

Madison Richardson ultimately won the title of Queen, notably deserved (as were all of the nominees).

Whether it was the spark from all of the events at half time or whether the coaches gave a real good “speech” to the players, the 3rd quarter showed a new resolve from the team and as the minutes closed, they were on fire! Being on the good end of turnovers and some great plays, the Pirates fought back to win the game by the score of 27 to 20!

Congratulations to the team, the coaches and the Homecoming nominees.

Of course there was a great game…

IMG_4705 IMG_4703


IMG_4845 IMG_4823


And of course there were pretty girls….


IMG_4773 IMG_4771


But last night’s event was so much more than expected…

IMG_4776 IMG_4778

It was magical!

IMG_4807 IMG_4805

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