Salute to those who serve!

Memorial Tribute


The staff of the Jack County New Edition believe that there could never be enough honor paid to those that put their lives on the line to keep us free.

This special section will be dedicated to those who have served and those who are serving now, and we will run it as long as we have a newspaper…whether there is 1 name on it or a million.

Please join us in saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!  If you have a name (and whatever tribute, photo etc…) to add to the list, please contact us at (whether to remember them from the past, or celebrate them for what they are doing now!)

Now, let us honor our men and women (and thank you also to the families that also serve)…

  • SSgt. John Clay Tarpley  (Air Force)

Clay Tarpley

  • Mike Smith (Retired, Air Force)
  • PFC David Stretcher (son of Mark and Terri Stretcher) (JHS Class of 2014) – US Marine Corps – Sept. 2014 and currently serving – stationed at Camp Horno at Camp Pendleton – San Diego, CA
  • Keith Norton, Jr. Currently serving at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.


  • Clay Francis (Air Force)


  • Bob Hines (Retired, Air Force)


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