Sandi ala Carte…Subject: Reporting the news

I realize that yall had been wondering if we had any information about the incident in the Joplin area yesterday… yes, we were there…but here are my thoughts…
We were there as the investigation began. We took a few photos, from a safe distance, of the house and the emergency vehicles. Then we left.

I made the decision before I jumped off to start this paper that I would do my best to report the news with truth, compassion, empathy, and most of all respect. I do not believe in sensationalizing a story, the truth is what we need. I would much rather a story to be published correctly the first time, even if it means that it takes a little longer.

Many rumors have been thrown out there about this incident, and I am happy that I was not a part of the rumor “mill”. The published word is hard to forgive once something has been put out there for public view. I prefer to wait until all family has been notified, and the investigation is to a point where the OFFICIALS make a statement. They know way more than I do what can or can not be said in order to make a clean investigation. I sure don’t want to mess up anything that could be helpful to them or hurtful to the families involved.

I am rambling to say this… I hope our readers will get that we are different than the typical news source. We will continue to bring you the news as it happens when we can, but there will be times that yall might think we aren’t “on the ball”…we might not be if compared to the “usual”. We hope to set the bar higher. We hold OURSELVES to a higher standard, and hopefully that quality reflects in the stories we tell and the way we report the news. I’m not saying that the way others do this job is wrong, it just isn’t the way that I prefer to do mine, and I think that our readers have grasped a hold of our concept because I have had nothing but positive feedback and even had many to tell me “Thank You” for doing what we do. That means so very much to us. Will we get it right 100% of the time? I’d like to think we will, but reality says probably not. But I will promise you this, not-a-one of us here will ever get it wrong because we were trying to be disrespectful or malicious (again, not saying anyone else would do that either). We will go beyond to make sure it is right as can be before we ever hit the “Publish” button. We do that because we appreciate our readers and yall should expect us to do so.

Again, thanks for reading!


Proverbs 12:15    The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice. 


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