Sausage Lasagna brings delight to any table, day or night!

I have a very tough job. Each week I find myself having to convince my family and friends how hard it is for me to get the guts up to drive to local kitchens and eat food prepared by master chefs ready to impress. Oddly, so far, nobody has found any pity for me. As a matter of fact, there is a feeling of jealousy and maybe a little bitterness. But, regardless of the odds stacked against me, on Thursday I set out to the welcoming kitchen of the June Kitchen~ista, Frances Easter. I knew immediately upon entering the home that my challenge was ON! The smell from her “studio” was a wonderful scent of all of the best things…butter, garlic…all of the things that you might find and smell in the old back kitchens of Italy (I’ve never actually been but it sounds wonderful!) ¬†Frances greeted me (as usual) with a glass of cold sweet tea and after phot0graphing the spread, we scooped a portion to test.

Now, I have known a lasagna or two. Melted cheeses and the flat pasta noodles are like old familiar friends… I say that because when Frances told me what she had made, I thought “Oh, okay!…that sounds good!” Oh, kids…. “good” does absolutely no justice to describe what I had. It was FAR AND BEYOND the very best lasagna that I had ever tasted! This time, my family got to share in the delight as well. Frances sent home a pan full, and they LOVED it! You will too!

Trust me when I say, if you have not bought your copy of her book “Recipes to Remember, Favorites of Family and Friends” it is time! This recipe alone makes it well worth the trip to the Vintage Vault to get one (or you can get one directly from her). This dish will make all of your friends envious of you and your skills!! Beware though, once you’ve had even a bite, no other will do! Bon Appetit!



Sausage Lasagna

Sausage Lasagna



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