Street feat looks upbeat!

City Manager Mike Smith discussed the current status of repairs and rework of the city streets. There are several streets currently under construction, including Wichita Avenue, East Belknap, and South 5th. According to Smith, “Water line repairs have been completed as well as gas lines on S. 5th and E. Belknap” The rework of the streets will begin soon, depending on the weather.


Street repairs to Wichita Avenue are coming along very nicely, with the last stage set to be done as soon as weather permits. Photo by Sandi Argo


Smith commented on the status of the work done on Wichita Avenue, stating “The work is coming along nicely, we have to put on the chip seal as soon as the weather cooperates”. According to Smith, the temperature has to be above 50°. “The problem is that we are getting warm during the day, then the temperature is dropping below 50. This causes the chip seal to separate from the base” Smith said. “Hopefully we will be able to chip seal real soon”.

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