Tapatio Springs…the good life is calling!


Tap Cover page revisedSo, what do you do when you really want to get out of town but you happen to be married to a guy that enjoys staying at home? That was the dilemma that I faced just a couple of weeks ago. My guy is not one that enjoys traveling. He likes to sleep in HIS bed, not a stranger’s! Now, he would jump at the chance to sleep under the stars at Yellowstone but he happens to be married to a gal that considers “camping” (at the very least) to be staying in a camper that has running water and a fully operational bathroom (or a fully stocked cabin in the woods would do too). So, once again, we found ourselves pondering where to go for a few days of R&R.

The first challenge was to find a place that we all enjoyed. My guy is not a fan of cruises (he is a tad bit claustrophobic and doesn’t really like the ocean or the creatures that live in them). None of us were really fond of the thought of traveling out of the country (although I probably would have “somehow” found the courage to take one for the team if the team had insisted…) We love the resorts, and after doing a bit of research we discovered a resort  that was located in the hill country of Texas! In our own back yard!


The drive from our town to the town of Boerne (where Tapatio Springs Resort is located) took about 4 hours of actual drive time. We went through Stephenville, Comanche, Goldthwaite and Fredericksburg on the way there. Of course, Fredericksburg is a shopping mecca, and even on a Sunday afternoon the streets there were jam packed with visitors. Shopping Fredericksburg will be a trip in itself, for another time!

From Fredericksburg we made our way to Highway 10, headed south. Just outside of Comfort, Texas Highway 87 hooks up with Highway 10 and from there it’s a pretty fast drive to John’s Road. There are some pretty cool places on John’s Road, quite a few high fenced hunting leases and we saw plenty of wildlife. The road winds it’s way west/southwest for a few miles until you top a hill and suddenly the majestic valley opens up in just beyond your windshield! The pictures from the website did not do justice (and I am certain that mine won’t either).

From the git go, the staff at the resort were as attentive as any that you would have in Cancun or other foreign destinations. Soon after making my reservations I received an email from the resort asking if they could help with our itinerary. I wasn’t sure exactly what we wanted to do or when so I really didn’t take advantage of that service…this time. We checked in at the front desk and were shown to our room, which looked straight at the stunning fairway of the 18 hole golf course.tapatio-springs-club-golf-2-1

On the trip down we had been looking for somewhere to stop and eat, but couldn’t find anywhere that suited us. By the time we arrived at Tapatio Springs we were pretty hungry. We had planned on going out for a nice meal at some point during our trip, and figured that now was as good a time as any. We freshened up and headed to the dining room at the resort. Walking in we fell in love with the wonderfully decorated rooms, all done in well crafted western decor. The west side wall was huge paned glass, giving diners a perfect view of the fairway, one of the many fire pits 20160727_214053and a wonderful fountain. Once again, service was top notch and we were presented with the night’s “offerings” from Executive Chef Scott Cohen. Cohen has joined the culinary program at Tapatio Springs and enjoys a distinguished reputation at 5-star establishments (and is a published author). The finishing touch on the “ambiance” is the sound of country music playing softly (unobtrusively) in the background. From George Jones to Toby, Kenny to Garth and all in between the sounds of tunes from the greats gave a soothing ease. Oh, and did I mention… George happens to be a part owner in the resort. (Really? Now, if you are asking “George who?” then you must not be from around here. George Strait. King George or George “Freaking” Strait is what my 16 year old calls him.) Having the King of Country Music involved explains the soothing western atmosphere, and also explains the reason the resort takes pride in the steak and chicken fried steak they offer on their menu!20160724_182442

We started off with a few biscuits with sweet butter, then came the main course. I had a steak (it was PERFECTLY seasoned and grilled) and honestly I think I could have cut it with my fork. The others had a grilled red fish with crab, and of course the cowboy spotted the chicken fried steak right off the bat. Now, any true cowboy knows a good CFS when he tastes one, and he noted this particular one to be among the best he has had. Portions were not skimpy either. The prices for the meal came to about a hundred, including tip and dessert. Speaking of dessert, we were stuffed but couldn’t resist the temptation. We shared (mostly) a S’mores Creme Brûlée and hot apple pie with ice cream. Well worth the fact that we didn’t feel like doing much afterwards, it was notable and memorable all the way around. Breakfast was deliciously served each morning (it wasn’t complimentary but I challenge you to find better food to start your day).

The resort has many amenities to offer. In addition to fabulous dining in the main room, there is a bar area that serves burgers and such at the family pool area. The resort also has a spa that offers visitors relaxing and healing treatments as facials, massages and even a salt cave! Next to the spa is a full gym. One of the best things that we found was in the gym. After a good workout (to make up for the dinner and dessert) we found a dispenser of cold water to enjoy, and a small “wine cooler” full of cold, damp towels (they even smelled like watermelon!) King George, you are the MAN!! Now, I am not a golfer, but I can spot a beautiful course when I see one and with a $2M renovation completed, this course has everything to offer. From the website (tapatioresort.com)

With millions put into property updates, Tapatio Springs Resort and Golf Course redefines golf and everything you’ve come to expect in luxury vacations. We are proud to announce the completion of our 18 hole restored golf course by acclaimed architect Tripp Davis. See what the critics have to say about the all new Tapatio Springs, then come experience it for yourself. Let us amaze you.

We found our time at the resort to be some of the best relaxation that we have enjoyed in a very long time. The staff was attentive to our needs, friendly and genuine. Yes, we hit the highways to the regular “tourist attractions” in San Antonio but truly the best times had were spent right there at the resort. If you are looking for a world class resort to get away to, give Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort a call. I know they would love to have you visit! We will be going back (and soon I hope)!

Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort:

  • 1 Resort Way, Boerne (by the way, that is pronounced BERNIE) Texas 78006
  • www.tapatioresort.com


Full sized gym gives the visitor a chance to work out after dining at the world class restaurant.


BEST OF ALL…cold, damp towels await those dedicated to working out!


Gorgeous fountain provides relaxing atmosphere at the “adult only” pool.


Birds of a feather? These friendly fowl greet visitors as they cruise the golf course.


Family-friendly pool offers a great water slide and fountains for the young (or young at heart!)


Western decor sets a very comfortable, classy mood throughout the resort.


World class dining for those familiar with the open range, or the driving range.
















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