Traveling Rap Artist applies for permit

A traveling Country Rap Artist, Mikel Knight, was seen in Jacksboro and Mineral Wells today. A group of workers for the artist was reported by local business owners to be soliciting the sales of CD’s.

According to Police Chief Terry McDaniel, the group came to apply for a permit to solicit. The turn around time for such a permit is usually 5 days, which was about 4 and a half days longer than the group would like. McDaniel says “They have applied for a solicitors permit. Apparently they expected it be granted the same day. I showed their representative the clause which states an application for a permit must be submitted 5 days before the solicitation can begin and told him to expect a call from us Monday on whether the permit had been granted, due to the upcoming holidays”.

After law enforcement became aware of the group’s activities, they advised them of the fee and the cost of a permit. The group told law enforcement that they needed to “confer”, later they applied for a permit for one solicitor.

Social media reports of the group hit the Facebook pages pretty quick. Chatter about the group picked up after someone posted a report from Wichita Falls (from According to the report, the street team is known to “skirt local ordinances when it comes to being able to legally sell items in a town. In May of this year, 5 members of his team were reported to have been arrested in South Dakota for not having proper permits.”

McDaniel stated “ One thing I always look at, besides any criminal history, is information gathered about complaints on any company who wishes to solicit here. I wouldn’t want companies with questionable reputations knocking on our citizen’s doors.  I’ve probably denied as many applications as I’ve approved because of that.”

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With the holidays approaching, scammers are gearing up to make as much money as they can from the innocent bystander. Jacksboro Police Lieutenant Connie McGee suggests that consumers and business owners check out a site called the BBB scam tracker. This website provides valuable information about the latest scams that are out, and allows the focus to be in your very own area. The site is found at www.bbbscamtracker

One thing is for sure, with law enforcement working along with the citizens of the county, scammers will not be taken lightly. Like many rural areas, we are a tight knit bunch that look out for our own. Scammers beware.


Photo of a van belonging to Mikel Knight, a “Country Rap Artist” seen in the area from Wichita Falls to Mineral Wells, with a stop in Jacksboro today. The group is soliciting the sale of CD’s and have yet to receive their permit.

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