With new ball field lights ready, the future looks bright!

Patrons of the city park may have noticed a few new items laying over by the baseball fields lately. The new lights have arrived and are waiting to be installed. In a recent city council meeting the council voted to have the old lights replaced, for safety reasons, and in order to promote the use of the renovated fields. Having the new lights and improved fields will give teams and other organizations the opportunity for holding tournaments, which often go into the night. City Manager Mike Smith approached the council about the lights several months ago. The council readily approved the installation. The city and the council have been looking for ways to bring added tourism to the county, and hopes are that having the renovated baseball fields will help.

The new lights are expected to be installed and ready to go well in time for the next season. With the beautiful fields, great playground and “boat race perfect” lake, perhaps the future¬†will see increase in the use of those facilities. Jack County has been dubbed an “oilfield town”, and we certainly are proud of the industry and what it has brought to our county. But it appears the time is right for accentuating the positives of the other things we have to offer, and improvements to our parks and fields is a great place to start.

If you haven’t been to the park or the lake in a while, go check it out! Whether your passion is fishing, baseball or just hanging out under a shady tree, you can find a place to stretch out and enjoy.


The ballpark lights will shine again! With the installation of the new lights, the city is hoping to draw in teams for tournaments and, of course, little league. The lights are due to be finished and ready before the next season begins.


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